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I am from a Iu-Mien community, born and raised in Oakland. I moved to Los Angeles in 2013 with my daughter to pursue higher education in Aerospace Engineering.

As a single mother pursuing higher education, I received my degree in the Sciences, Engineering and Technology, turned to an apprentice tattooist - currently residing in Los Angeles, California.​

​I mostly worked in hospitality as a waitress, barista,  and a bartender, all while staying active in school working as a Computer Technician and a Tutor for the Math and Science Department.

I say my aesthetic is a mixture of the dark, occult and some of my own cultural twist of femininity into the custom pieces that I design for my clients. I work mostly with black and grey with hints of red.

With my background in engineering and mathematics I like to intertwine sacred geometry and precise fine lines into the pieces.

Ideally, I would prefer to have free reign over the design concept and to let the creativity flow.

Trust the process.

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" alienation from nature and the loss of the experiences of being part of the living creation

it is the greatest tragedy from our materialistic era

one of the main cause of ecological devastation and climate change

therefore, I attribute absolute highest importance to consciousness change

and to being one with nature”

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This is how, why and what inspires my creation. The interlinking of the physical world with nature. 

My perception and holistic philosophy that brings us humans into a full circle.

Thank you for reading.

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