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Vegan Larb

Time: 30 minutes or less depending on your knife skills - legit Recipe size: This recipe makes one good sized plate / bowl full of larb. So depending on how many dishes you have for a meal, it could be big enough for 1 – 2 people, or shared between 3 – 4 people (if you have a full spread of other variant dishes). Utensils: Small saucepan Spoon Knife Stone & Mortar Blender/Food Processor Pan Flavors: Fresh "meat" based salad, great herb flavors, mix of savory + spices Eat it w


Ingredients : Twin Dragon Vegan Gyoza Wrappers - not Gluten-Free - 99 ranch market 2 packets of 12 oz Impossible meat 1/3 cup of Green Peas Herbs : 15 grams - Cilantro 25 grams - Ginger 1 clove of Garlic * can take out if it gives you an upset stomach 10 grams - Lemon grass Citrus : 1 large lemon lemon zest Seasoning : 1 teaspoon of Pink Himalayan Sea Salt 1 teaspoon of Black Pepper Corn 1 teaspoon of Paprika *Spice : optional Other : 1/2 cup of Marukan Yuzu Ponzu 1 tablespoo

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